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* 17 Feb. DUO with CD Switcher Conny Cox

* 4 April bi- Party with CD Michaela

Do you want new sex toys for FREE?
The only conditions: you have Amazon, Paypal, Twitter & live in Europe. 
Write me for more details.


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Would you like to chat with Me on Whatsapp? Or to get uncensored pictures of Me? Maybe a custom clip, audio tasks? Or Phonechat (if you don't like to call a hotline)? Tip me. (Register and follow for FREE!)
You are of course welcome to give me a Tip without a special reason.


I give a submissive driver with own car the CHANCE to spend all day for FREE with me!

Your job is:

2.3. Wien-Wels

31.3. Wels-Graz

6.4. Graz-Wels

7.4. Wels-Wien

20.4. Wien-Wels

19.5. Wels-Graz

25.5. Graz-Wels

9.6. Wels-Wien

15.6. Wien-Wels

17.6. Wels-Landquart

24.6. Landquart-Basel

1.7. Basel-Thun

8.7. Thun-Lenzburg

14.7. Lenzburg-Wels

to drive, carry my bags and help me unpack.

There is also a reward for that.

Dominant greetings slave´s owner Lady Jessica.

I offer to a naked slave to clean my dungeon for FREE. Craftsmen with their own car and a lot of free time on weekends would be an advantage

Date: 6 April 2024
Place: Graz/AT

Applications at:



Dominant greetings Lady Jessica, professional dominatrix, fetish model, cuckoldress,
clinician & humiliatrix!


Take a break, take a slave holiday in Tenerife/Canaries.

Would you like to enjoy an SM timeout, or do you feel the need to live your SM passion over an extended period of time? Combined with a holiday? I can offer various options for your stay, ranging from a slightly bizarre holiday experience up to a strictly controlled 24h/7day stay. I welcome you in an exclusive apartment in the south of Tenerife, equipped with everything to raise your pulse and make your fantasies become reality.

I offer golden-, red- and brown- showers to gourmet lovers. Or have you ever dreamed to try a measure yourself up against a woman? Lets see which one of us stays in charge. I just love to ride real horses, which makes me a very passionate rider of bad men as ponyboys. If you do not follow my commands, you will instantly meet and feel the spurs of my boots. I also do ballbusting if you like erotic pain. Come and take a test with Lady Jessica and find out how many kicks your balls can handle. I have many additional experiences and skills in a wide range of other specialities. Come, if you dare.

You can also book the apartment without an SM holiday.

Call me on my number for more information.


SCAT Session * for 1/2 price *

Do you like dirty caviar games? Do you want to experience it for 1/2 price? 
Then you have the unique opportunity! However, under these conditions: * you let yourself be filmed (mask no problem) & give me all rights for
the marketing * You organize at your own expense apartment, house, farm, finca, hotel etc.
where filming takes place Date:
only when I am in Tenerife, see my schedule in Contact page Location: Tenerife south

Brown greetings Lady Jessica, Scat Diva


Lady Jessica & my slavegirls

Current DUO schedule with my Slavegirls

Dominant and bizarre Amazon Lady (with heels 1.95m!) with wrestling experience,
semi-competitive wrestler and lift & carry specialist.   Semi-Competitive Wrestling
Fantasy Wrestling
Submission Wrestling
Pin Wrestling
Fantasy Boxing
Semi-Competitive Kickboxing
Fantasy Kickboxing
Female vs Female
Pillow Fights
Tickle Wrestling
Scissoring (my specialty)
Lift and Carry
Belly Punching I love extreme sports, wrestling, diving, shooting, bungee jumping and much more.

Come to me and let us measure our strength ;-)

** BDSM FARM AUSTRIA presents **

I offer adventure holidays or kinky vacation days on a real farm (with animals) between Graz & Klagenfurt
(in Carinthia). International BDSM Queen Lady Jessica and my personal bi- switch slave (or Master for you).
From tender to hard, depending on your needs. Find out what you need - from light to extreme - sissy training - photos and film recordings or just the
absolute personal kick and the challenge. Couples are also welcome ;-) We are looking forward to a hot time with you. Dominant greetings Lady Jessica & Austrian switch boy H.


Join my Telegram channel for free, fully discreet and anonymous-your mobile phone number will not be visible to nobody, even not to me! Stay updated and informed about all news, details, schedule, offers, freebies, clips and generally about me.
The Telegram app no ​​longer works on the iPhone. Log in via internet browser, and activate sensitive content 18+, then it works.

WANTED: Naked butler / waiter / cook for ladies party

For my birthday with my dominant girlfriends on June 7th, I need a naked cook, waiter, butler (in 1 person).

You should only wear a bow tie and possibly a short apron.

You should have a well trained body, experience as a cook/chef & waiter and good manners are a must.

You need to prepare a 5 course menu all day, only the best of the best, I expect a culinary orgasm. Its important that you are a good cook, a Michelin star would be an advantage.

When my friends come, you will open the door, ask them in, introduce yourself to everyone, bow, then accompany everyone to the table where you will serve the aperitif.

Refilling drinks and serving food will be your main task at the beginning.

I will provide a chastity belt before you start cooking.

As it gets fun in the group, I may order you to crawl under the table and take care of the well-being of my friends. The ladies will think of sexy kinky tasks and games, you will obey all instructions.

You will be there for our entertainment and amusement. A pussy licker and living toilet with golden shower and possibly brown shower, a plaything for us ladies. We will own you for the time you are with us.

Your first duty is as a naked cook, waiter and butler, then as our object of pleasure and sex slave to use and humiliate as we please.

How comfortable are you as the only man in the group?

PS: Do not dare to forget my birthday gift - Amazon gift voucher!
Send the appropriate amount in British pounds (L) at AMAZON to sexyjessica@sexyjessica.eu

Call me to discuss:

Calls from UK: 09842 63 62 61 EXT 108 (�2/1min)

Calls from Austria: 0930 833 109 346 (�3,643/1min from a landline)

Calls from Switzerland: 0906 833 109 346 (3.50CHF/1min)

Calls from Germany: 09005 833 109 346 (�2.99/1min from a landline)

Do you prefer to chat with me?

Come to my CHATROOM

Birthdayparty with my female friends & naked Butler was fun and successful, here one pic.
We want to repeat it soon, who does wanna be our naked Chef / Waiter / Butler?

Until 17 October VIENNA

DUO with german scat slavegirl available


Do you wanna participate by bi- party on friday 9th October from 4pm in Vienna like a bi- boy (cock sucker)? Then contact me! 3h only 50€!

Cash & Go for losers like you!

On June 26 you could meet me very late in Frankfurt/Germany for quick cash & go, receive me at the airport 
with a bottle (or rather a box) of champagne and maybe massage my feet after a long flight. On June 27th It gets even better: You could meet me alone or with Master A. (29cm!) for Cash & Go,
I'm on the way from Frankfurt via the A3 to Wels/Upper Austria. Well you loser? Would you like to put your money at my feet or at Alpha Couple�s feet and
obey? Apply to me on the phone:
Call me from AUSTRIA: 0930 833109 346 (3,643€/1min)
Call me from GERMANY: 09005 833109 346 (2,99€/1min)
Call me from SWITZERLAND: 0906 833109 346 (3,50CHF/1min)
Call me from UK: 09842 63 62 61 EXT 108 (£2.00/1min)
Call me from SPAIN: 803 400 868 (1,21€/1min) or write me a message here

Lady Jessica offers special DUO with 21y. dominant boy.

International BDSM Queen Lady Jessica and her personal ToyBoy.

Find out what you need - from easy to extreme - spanking - fisting - 
photos and film recordings or just the absolute personal kick and the challenge.   I offer an exclusive DUO with a dominant 21y. bi-boy. Do you want to serve a dominant Lady in latex and
young Master at the same time? Then take the unique opportunity and book your ultimate experience! Be our servant, our sissy, our foot licker, golden shower swallower, scat eater etc. and do what you are told! Couples are also welcome 😉 We are looking forward to a hot time with you.
Bi- boy in Action

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